Doodle Design is a complete resource for transforming your preliminary idea into a unified image throughout all of your print materials. Whether a logo, brochure, packaging, or annual report, we have the talent and tools to design it.


Doodle Design develops your website, aesthetics and technology are integrated with an emphasis on functionality and ease of use. The result is a site that reinforces your company's brand and clearly communicates who you are and what you do.


Doodle Design ensures that your promotional products fit your organization's overall marketing strategy. Whether it's apparel, awards, trade show promotions or sales leave-behinds, we have the perfect item for any occasion.


Defining your brand requires stepping back and looking at your organization from your audience's perspective. New and existing organizations can benefit from a brand review and definition.


Once the brand has been defined, it must be applied consistently and effectively. Any "Point of Communication" that a customer has with the company should be considered for branding.


Once the brand has been defined and applied, the focus should shift to promoting brand loyalty. A positive impression made on one client can translate to a positive impression on their friends, family and acquaintances.


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